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About Mindful Media

Mindful Media is a mission-based full-service boutique communications agency based in Vancouver, BC that works exclusively with socially minded businesses and organizations. Our clients range from eco fashion designers to yoga mentors to artists who heal the world through their work. We are fans of companies like Tom’s Shoes and people like Warren Buffet.

Does your company, event or initiative have a philosophy rooted in making a difference in the world? If so, let’s chat!

From corporate charity events to businesses that champion responsible practice initiatives, we are interested in promoting meaningful causes across all sectors.

We enjoy getting involved with causes such as:

  • Preservation of Human Rights
  • Sustainability
  • Environmentalism
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Gender Equality
  • Mental Health
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Climate Change
  • Health
  • Education


We believe the exchange of positive energy must be rewarded in a way that maintains the integrity of its contributors. While we continually engage in volunteer opportunities and love (LOVE!) working with NPOs, we are committed to creating an extremely high caliber of work and as such must also ensure our team is nourished.